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    Alpha Male Fuckers is a kick-ass site that will have you effortlessly submitting to its studly charms time and time again, especially if you have a weakness for masculine, muscular men. Currently home to more than 100 videos and featuring 130+ models, AMF offers up plenty of fuel for the fantasy fires with its collection of hardcore, bareback and jerk-off action, as well as an interesting special events category. There are a surprising number of familiar cocks—-er…I mean faces, too, but it’s the welcome type of familiarity that leads to arousal, and therefore a very good thing. Grade A beef like Kurt Rogers, Dillon Buck, Jean Franco and Ross Hurston, to name a very few, as well as perhaps lesser known but equally hot gents like Tony Massala, Buck Monroe and Danny Star make these Alpha Males a force to be reckoned with. The site is thoughtfully designed; its Model search an easy way to get all the relevant information on studs of potential interest, as well as links to their photo galleries and make-you-sweat sex scenes. Navigating through individual clips is unbelievably user-friendly, too, with picture quality mighty impressive. And for those who wish to take a bit of a break from the site, there are 3 bonus destinations for you to explore with you membership, and a video on demand component. Surrender to these Alpha Male Fuckers and you’ll be one the feeling victorious. (reviewed May 1, 2010)

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