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    Bait Bus Review


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    Bait Bus is dedicated to showcasing alleged straight guys being tricked into fucking other guys. As it states on the homepage, Bait Bus is “the story of a guy with a camera, a van, and an evil plan”.

    Each video has a similar theme and structure, but they're all different enough to offer variety so you don't get bored after a few vids. They all begin in the van, driving around searching for a suitable male to trick. Said male is invited into the van, usually for cash or with the promise that a hot girl will pleasure them. After being made to strip off, the male is then blindfolded, and a guy will come and suck his cock instead of the hot girl.

    Usually it's about half way through the blow job that the innocent straight guy is asked to remove his blindfold to find he has been tricked into performing sexual acts with someone of the same sex. It never stops here though. The angry, surprised or shocked guys are always offered more cash to take things all the way and fuck the dude in the ass, usually as the van is still cruising the streets.

    The website itself is of good quality and is easy to navigate. Bait Bus is on the Big Daddy Network, which has a reputation for producing good quality, value for money gay porn sites. There is a huge selection of videos, and new videos are still being uploaded daily.

    The monthly price is on the high side, but you do get what you pay for.

    (Review Updated 2.14)

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