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    Sir Randy must admit he was a fraternity member in college, going through the whole pledge process. That's why he was tickled to find a site that deals with hazing, a topic on which he has first hand experience.

    Haze Him is a raw site. And by "raw" we're talking amateur/kamikaze style. The guys are refreshingly age appropriate. That means not a single 35-year old trying to pass himself as a college guy. That being said, all the guys looked young, almost twinky. This reminds Sir Randy that he didn't really "fill out" until after college.

    Now the action, Haze Him really captures the hazing well. For the pledge, hazing is embarrassing, uncomfortable and awkward. If you're looking for a bunch of beefed up guys who resist sexualized hazing at first only to quickly become sex starved cum dumpsters, this isn't the site for you. If you are looking for accurate portrayals of hazing real college aged guys then maybe Haze Him will rev your engines.

    The only concern is that after a while the 80+ movies become a little formulaic. It's primarily hazing, followed by a little sloppy forced dick sucking, then maybe uncomfortable sex. The formula is exciting the first couple of times, but if you find yourself skipping to the end after a while, then that defeats the purpose. The build up is where the site excels, Sir Randy finds the payoff to be a little lackluster.

    Overall, Haze Him is a good site if you like accurate depictions of college hazing, just manage your expectations.

    (Reviewed 12.13)

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