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    Featuring "sleazy British studz", this self-described "debauched, depraved, degraded" site deliciously delivers on that promise. More than 90 models reside in the Pit, with 70+ generously timed videos to satisfy your internal (and perhaps eternal) bitch in heat, especially if you like your suck-and-fuck action to involve more than 2 people. Bulldog Pit is home to some memorable threesomes, including but not limited to "Three Hot Studs" (with Rocco Banks, Freddy and Carioca), "Decorators Getting Dirty" (with Thierry Lamasse, Tyson and Pedro Santana), and "Caught Red Handed With A Porn Magazine" (with Adam Tremadoc, Rick Hunter and Phil). If youíre more in the mood for some 3-less-1 action, then great starting points are super stud Curt Rogers and Nathan Fox in "Horny Plumber Fucking a Twink", and "Bulging Bodies", with Rafael and David Castan. Size queens who like their meat enormously thick will be delirious with Russian model, Mukhtar; his cock is so thick, to see it is to believe it. The site is thoughtfully designed, too, with its Model search function providing an easy way to get all the relevant information on studs of potential interestóand donít be fooled by some of the modelsí curiously low rating--as well as links to their photo galleries and sex scenes. Navigating through individual clips is exceptionally user-friendly. And for those who wish to take a bit of a break from the site, there are 3 bonus destinations included with your membership, notably the spectacular Alpha Male Fuckers, and a video on demand component. Spending time with these Bulldogs is anything but the pits. (reviewed May 6, 2010)

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