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    Best described as a leaning-towards-straight bi-sexual site, Cody Cummings nonetheless gets full points for trying to create a destination that is equally appealing to gay men. The man is a total stud, handsome, charming, with a smoking hot body, muscular build and gorgeous cock. However, the majority of the action found in the 120+ clips available has Cody wasting his cock on (or rather, in) some gal. So if you have an aversion to pussy, then you will be disappointed. If not, then you’ll enjoy watching the lucky ladies on the receiving end of Cody’s glorious dick. He does get it on with the occasional guy but the man-on-man action is pretty much limited to the fortunate gent giving Cody a hand and/or blow-job, sometimes only while Cody is watching straight porn. (Mind you, for an opportunity to suck that cock of his, that’s a condition I could easily live with.) An excellent clip to begin with is the one featuring “Cody Watching Porn with Parker”, a wet dream come true for any gay man who has ever fantasized about reaping the benefits of watching porn with a horny straight buddy who doesn’t mind a helping hand (or mouth). Solo scenes, “Cody’s Window Solo” for example, also sizzle but again aren’t plentiful. Sweet navigation, high production values and bonus access to a multitude of gay-friendlier sites make up for Cody’s shortcomings though. (reviewed February 17, 2010)

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