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    Are you the kind of person who only watches movies in the hope of getting a glimpse of your favourite male movies stars in the nude? You'll tune in just to give yourself a chance to get a sneaky peek of Brad Pitts butt, or of Bruce Willis' shaft? If so, Mr Man is going to be your new favourite site. Not a porn site as such, but more of a huge back-catalog of pictures and clips from TV Shows and Movies over the years where any nudity or sex scenes may have been present.

    This isn't one of those sites that promises the world and doesn't deliver. At this very moment Sir Randy is looking at Scottish hunk Ewan McGregor's flacid penis from the movie The Pillow Book, Johnny Depp's butt from Private Resort, and Colin Farrell's cock in the movie Triage.

    You can search by movie star, movies and tv shows, and one feature in particular really impressed Sir Randy: when searching by movie star, he was presented with a list of shows and movies that particular star has featured in and each one containing a different type of nudity to view. For example, on Tom Cruise's page you can see that in 'Top Gun' there are images of Cruise in just his underwear, in 'Far and Away' you'll see his ass and pubes, and in 'All the Right Moves' you'll catch his ripped body and his penis. Not every star has as many options as Tom Cruise does though (12 different movies), clearly he loves taking his clothes off on camera more than others.

    The home page gives the impression the only people you'll see on the site are A-List celebrities, movie stars and musicians, but that's not quite accurate. Undoubtedly, you can find fully naked images and videos of super famous stars (mostly from the early days in their careers), but they don't dominate the site. Most of the content is from smaller TV Shows or Movies with stars with a lot less pedigree than the ones featured on the home page.

    Mr Man has a very professional layout, and navigation of all the features is easy. If you're looking for quality nude images and clips of your favorite (and not so favorite) TV and Movie star hunks, then this site is for you.

    (Reviewed 12.13)

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