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Q: Who is Sir Randy?
A: Confused guy Formally, he's Randy Howard, Earl of Johnson. Informally, he just your average guy who loves fast cars, a dry martini and the company of well endowed men, particularly younger men. He's no Sugar Daddy though. He, and his partner of 13 years, own and operate a very private but profitable B&B out of the old Howard manor house. Thus, he doesn't troll for his pleasures, they come to him. And, pay for the pleasure.

In his youth he romanced (a nice way to put it) his way across the continent. There were also many, many months spent exploring the depths of passion with guys from California to Maryland with stops in Toronto, Winnipeg and Cancun. Back then, Sir Randy had a charming way that seemed to ensure he always made a conquest. His secret was simple. He had, and still has, the uncanny ability to looks into his companion's inner soul and, like an alchemist, burn away the dross of their inhibitions, leaving the pure gold of unencumbered sexuality. Ah! The transports of delight that he gave and received!

Now, having settled down, he spends his days sitting before a 22" flat-panel, surfing a T1 link, fondly remembering his youth and comparing it favorably to the boisterous behaviors depicted on the web. Such are the pleasures of the semi-retired sybarite! So who runs the B&B? Well, once in a while Sir Randy comes up for a breath of air, but most of the operation is handled by his partner and the three house boys they employ.

Q: Why should I use this site as my portal to Gay porn?
A: With great diligence, Sir Randy is constantly searching out the absolute best Gay porn that the Web has to offer. It is an arduous process, forcing him to wade through pages and pages of unimaginative drivel in the hopes of finding those rare nuggets of truly scintillating smut! On this site, he shares all that he has learned, so that you may celebrate and indulge the glory of your own unique sexuality. Furthermore, Sir Randy's exclusive rating system will help you delve into the realm of online porn at a minimum of expense and a maximum of satisfaction. And, as a bonus, he's designed this site so you can add your own comments about the good, the bad or the ugly of any porn site included here.

Q: Since all this is free, how does this site make any money?
A: As much as Sir Randy would love to offer his advice as a public service, the fact remains that the manor house is a money pit. Sure the B&B turns a neat profit, but there's always something that needs fixing. He make money (a mere pittance, alas!) every time you click from this site onto a site that charges money, providing you actually buy a membership on the site in question. It is therefore clearly in Sir Randy's interest to direct you towards sites of high quality and similarly to warn you against sites of low quality. Sir Randy hopes that, over time, you will come to regard him as something of a kindly and slightly horny uncle, whose advice is always to be trusted, and politely ignore the fact that, every time you follow his advice, a penny or two appears in his pocket, as if by magic.

Q: Can I make as suggestion: about the site or about one of your reviews?
A: That goes without saying! Sir Randy's personal e-mail address is SirRandy@SirRandy.com. He is particularly interested in your ideas about which sites should be added to the list of reviews. He also enjoys receiving feedback on the accuracy of, or errors in, the reviews. In addition, he likes receiving fan mail of all fashions and flavors. Feel free to lavish praise upon him, for such messages cause him to click his heels in joy. Similarly, should you have an urge to complain, kindly use as much colorful language as possible, because then he can ignore your criticism with a clean conscience.

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